About Us

Our team of qualified and technical experts has over 30 years combined experience in water and wastewater, this includes pilot-scale and full-scale evaluations with associated research & development.

WatStech was originally a spin-out company from the University of Wolverhampton and was first formed as a research group in 2000, after 5 years WatStech Ltd. was created. Following this in 2008 WatStech Ltd. became an independent company.

We can also offer:

  • Project management skills with extensive work conducted with major companies and small to medium enterprises (SME);
  • Feasibility and project scoping studies;
  • Grant applications;
  • Co-ordination and collaboration with companies and organisations;
  • Communication and presentation skills for reporting findings to national and international audiences;
  • Experience of scientific and business report writing.

Seven Trent Water

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Seven Trent Water

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We will also maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work. We strive to attract the highest level of academic recognition for our work.

Meet our team

Dr Kally Kaur

Dr Kally Kaur


Managing Director

Kally was one of the academic founders of WatStech Ltd. and created its’ predecessor the WatStech research group at the University of Wolverhampton in 2000. On graduation from the University of Birmingham, Kally worked for Severn Trent Water Ltd. from 1989-2000 from R&D through to Operations, involved with process support for 3 full-scale surface water treatment plants, numerous groundwater plants, standby officer for 8 major treatment works, as well as commissioning of full-scale ozone & GAC processes. She has been involved with Severn Trent’s On-site Testing Manual, assessing instrumentation, providing operator training and risk assessment for water & wastewater sites.

Following her move to academia in 2000 at the University of Wolverhampton, she was the main supervisor of 2 PhD projects, supervisor of BSc and MSc projects, lecturer for MSc Environmental Technology and Group Leader for WatStech research group which undertook numerous commercial research projects and led to the creation of the University of Wolverhampton’s first spin-out company, WatStech Ltd.