Application of Granular Ferric Oxide for Nickel Removal from Groundwater


Anglian Water


Dec ’03 to Oct ‘04

The presence of nickel in groundwater sources and ever-tightening consent limits require a suitable, economically viable method for metal removal. A granular ferric oxide has been manufactured specifically for the removal of arsenic from drinking and industrial waters.

This media has been experimentally employed at a groundwater site to meet the reducing consent levels of nickel from 50µg/l to 20µg/l which was enforced in 2003. Media performance was not consistent over time when tested using a pilot plant based on site.

A lab-scale filtration column was utilised to assess the performance of the media for removing nickel. The conditions required for nickel removal were also studied and the physical, chemical and microbiological condition of the media after use on site and following treatment in the laboratory were examined. The presence of a biofilm was expected and practical treatment steps were conducted aimed at removal. An improvement in performance was noted following these processes.