Removal of adsorbed PFOS from GAC using thermal regeneration


Anglian Water


March to Sept ‘07

PFOS has a wide range of applications, from fire fighting (foam), hydraulic fluids for aviation and household protection. Perfluorinated substances have been found to be persistent, bio accumulative and toxic because of their stable chemical structure, which prevents natural degradation.

PFOS present in the local environment is of concern for water contamination especially for groundwater sites. The removal of adsorbed PFOS onto field spent Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) using a laboratory scale regeneration furnace has been evaluated by WatStech Ltd.

Approximately 90-95% PFOS removal was achieved via regeneration. WatStech Ltd. has also undertaken a supplementary phase of the evaluation through the application of batch isotherms to determine adsorption capacities for PFOS, prior to and after regeneration.