Commissioning Support

On Site

WatStech are able to offer the complete range of site based services which has the back up of our own extensive laboratory and skilled team.


Fully trained personnel can be stationed on site to monitor and analyse water and wastewater plant performance at any scale such as pilot-plant commissioning or pollution incident recovery.


Full on site sampling and analysis service is available which includes setting up and monitoring equipment for instant analysis or the collecting of samples for further lab work at our own facilities.

Technical Support


WatStech has the ability to design, construct and monitor laboratory scale operations for water and wastewater treatment technologies according to the client’s specifications or testing requirements.


Our skilled operatives can provide on site monitoring and analysis of water and wastewater pilot plants. We can provide support ranging from daily monitoring to assisting with design of full scale applications.


The trained and experienced team can offer total support for the monitoring and commissioning of full scale water and wastewater treatment plants. Full analytical support is also provided.

Examples of Technical Support

  • Efficiency of pesticide removal using GAC;
  • Operation of pilot GAC regeneration furnace;
  • Commissioning of full-scale ultrafiltration membrane plants;
  • Commissioning of BNR for wastewater
    Monitoring of ultrasonic cavitation systems for wastewater;
  • Pollution control using floating reed beds