Independent Technology Assessment

WatStech offers independent assessment of new technologies. Combined with our experience of design construction and monitoring laboratory scale operations, we offer services according to the client’s specifications.

Examples are:

  • Research to determine the impact of chlorine dose on the biofilm formation potential of final drinking water. This involved construction, operation and monitoring of 3 biofilm rigs for a 12 week period. The effect of different degrees of oxidation were determined by chemical and micro-biological analysis on the biofilm development within the modified Robbins device.
  • Testing of a prototype heating panel under control conditions. This involved construction of a frame to simulate ceiling mounting and the use of domestic heating equipment.
  • Assessing a number of scale removal technologies such as ultrasound, magnetics and different coatings. These required the construction of a lab scale rig to simulate a domestic heating situation.
  • Analysing a wide variety of adsorption media for the removal of pollutants using our lab scale columns and isotherm tests.
  • Determining performance of different coagulants in wastewater treatment.