Tailored Water & Wastewater Analysis

WatStech can offer an extensive suite of analysis and testing. In addition to standard analysis techniques, WatStech can offer tailored analysis to meet the specific needs of the client.

Water & Wastewater Analysis

  • Organic analysis – COD, BOD, colour, UV absorbance;
  • Solids – % moisture, loss on ignition, organics;
  • Inorganics – nitrate, phosphate, etc;
  • Physical – pH, turbidity, conductivity, TSS, Ash & VSM;
  • Microbiology.

Analysis of adsorption media e.g. GAC

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon)

  • Adsorption – Isotherms, pesticides and inorganics;
  • Industry tests; Iodine Number, Methylene Blue, Sieve Analysis;
  • Inorganics – metals attached, XRD, XRF;
  • Porosity – BET surface area, micropore volume;
  • Other – bed expansion, apparent density;
  • Regeneration using laboratory scale furnace;
  • Acid washing of GAC;
  • Return to service evaluations.

Specialized, Customized Analysis

  • COD fractionation service – Biodegradable COD rbCOD, Soluble & Particulate COD;
  • Rapid Small Scale Column Tests (RSSCT);
  • Amenability of wastewater for BNR/bio-p;
  • Phosphate Release/Uptake rates;
  • Biological fouling using Robbins device;
  • Struvite/calcite formation;
  • Scale formation and removal.