Electrochemical Oxidation of Landfill Leachate


Severn Trent Water


Jan ’02 to Jan ‘03

Landfill leachate is not easily treated and receiving WwTWs are at risk of ammonia, COD and metal consent failures.

Severn Trent commissioned WatStech Ltd. to assess the mechanisms of reactions within a novel electrochemical process. A laboratory scale unit was developed with Advanced Oxidation Ltd. and the performance evaluated with synthetic and real landfill leachates received at two of Severn Trent’s wastewater sites.

Power costs for treatment were up to 60% lower than alternative electrochemical methods but issues with tractability following electrochemical were identified during the project. This allowed Severn Trent to make an informed decision for future investment, based on balancing the risk to effluent consent compliance against the power savings.