Phosphorus batch release & uptake tests


Severn Trent Water Ltd


April '05 onwards

Other tests for suitability or performance of Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) processes are laboratory scale phosphorus (P) release/uptake tests which can indicate if there is a sufficient population of phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAOs) in the sludge (Mixed Liquor ML) being tested and/or if the wastewater is substrate limited by using sludges containing PAOs (bio-P sludge) in comparison.

WatStech Ltd. conduct P release tests by simulating an anaerobic reactor under controlled laboratory conditions (or uptake tests using an aerobic stage). A carbon source can be added to prevent substrate being a limiting factor and known bio-P sludges can be used in comparison.

As part of WatStech’s bio-P suitability service, phosphorus release/uptake tests have provided a release/uptake rate value which can be compared to published literature for site assessment.